You Could Win this Exclusive Barbie Dreamhouse Themed Xbox

This Barbie Collaboration with Xbox and Warner Bros. Pictures is so strange it just might work.

It’s all tied to the highly anticipated release of the new movie “Barbie” with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling but this collaboration celebrates Barbie’s influential character traits, her wide-ranging career journey, and her unwavering optimism. With an array of exclusive in-game content, inspiring videos, limited edition dolls, and stylish custom Xbox hardware, fans will have the opportunity to embark on a fun and fashionable adventure this summer.

Drive Ken and Barbies Cars in Forza on Xbox
Barbie in Forza 5

Barbie, the iconic role model known for her limitless ambition and impeccable style, is ready to hit the road in the upcoming film. Behind the wheel of a classic 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV Corvette, painted in her signature pink hue, Barbie sets off on an unforgettable journey, accompanied by Ken in a 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup. Now, Forza Horizon 5 players can join the duo in the virtual world, racing in these iconic vehicles. By downloading the themed cars from the in-game Message Center, players can experience the thrill of speed and self-expression in the vibrant world of Barbie Land, even if they don’t reside there.

But the Barbie excitement doesn’t end with racing. The movie showcases Barbie’s extensive range of ambitions and careers, which has made her an enduring inspiration for young girls worldwide. Xbox is teaming up with Barbie to spotlight real-life game developers who share a special connection to the iconic doll. In a captivating video, developers from the Forza franchise share their personal career journeys, motivations, and the ways in which Barbie has influenced their lives. Fans can look forward to the video’s debut during an exclusive livestream event on July 14th from the enchanting World of Barbie, where hosts will engage in thrilling races with the Barbie and Ken rides from the movie, within the immersive world of Forza Horizon 5.

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Xbox has also curated a collection of ten Barbie dolls that reflect the diversity of the line. These dolls have been adorned with the latest Xbox Gear fashion and accessorized with an Xbox Series S console, Wireless Controller, and an Adaptive Controller. Fans from around the world will have the opportunity to win these exclusive dolls through an exciting international sweepstakes.

The Barbie Xbox is Very... Pink
Barbie themed Xbox

Barbie’s impeccable fashion sense has always been a source of inspiration. From her DreamHouse to her stunning wardrobe, her iconic style is unmatched. And now, fans can bring a touch of Barbie’s trendsetting genius to their gaming setups. Xbox is introducing interchangeable Xbox Wireless Controller faceplates inspired by Barbie and Ken’s distinct on-screen outfits. These faceplates allow gamers to customize their controllers and showcase their love for Barbie’s fashionable flair. For those seeking an even more immersive experience, Xbox is unveiling one of their most playful custom console designs in recent years—a glamorous Barbie DreamHouse integrated with an Xbox Series S. Starting on July 10th, fans can participate in a giveaway on @Xbox and Microsoft Rewards for a chance to win these fabulous prizes.

The Barbie Movie actually looks pretty Funny

The much-anticipated movie “Barbie” takes audiences on an extraordinary journey through Barbie Land, a realm of perfection and beauty, with a twist of existential introspection for Ken. Produced by Heyday Films, LuckyChap Entertainment, NG/BB Pictures, and Mattel, and distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, the film will premiere in US theaters on July 21, 2023, followed by international releases starting from July.

Look this is not the worst colab we’ve seen from Xbox either, remember spiked controllers for sonic?

This film looks surprisingly funny and Margot Robbie is always great. So grab a ticket and support an Aussie!

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