A Different Perspective: Is Second-Person a Thing?

Video games are a medium that allows players to experience a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints. One of the key ways that this is achieved is through the use of different points of view, or POV, in the game. Like most storytelling there are three main POVs used in video games and while first-person and thrid-person are the most common we wondered is there a second-person?

Multiplay Podcast: DC Universe Reboot, Pistol Whip, Pokemon and More

We chat about being gamer dads and finding the time to enjoy our hobby while being ever present for our kids, Luke tells us about a VR title that you need to play in a year where good VR games are few and far between. Marvel Snap is going gangbusters and we find out more about that and our feelings on the reboot of the DC universe, is it a good or bad thing that they have dumped the legendary Henry Cavill?

‘Christmas Must Haves’ for the PlayStation Gamer

As we gear up for the silly season of 2022 we know that there’ll be plenty of gaming accessories and software under Australian Christmas trees. But when choosing a gift for someone else how do we know to get the right thing and not something that is a lemon?  Thankfully when looking at PlayStation gear …

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