Your Childhood Dream of Arcade at Home is Reality

For about a year I’ve had a side project of building my own arcade machine, it’s coming along, but I haven’t really followed any specs and it’s more of a love project.. as in I’d love to finish it.. but I love spending time with my kids and sleep more. I’ll post a pic at the bottom of the page for you so you can have a good laugh, but it’s worth noting.. I’m not super handy with a tool set.

I heard about these guys recently and makes me think I should go down this path instead they are called Arcade1Up and are apparently the world-leading creator of at-home arcade machines. Anyway, turns out they are bringing thier massive range of retro gaming cabinets to Australia.

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Featuring nostalgic childhood gaming favourites like PacMac and TMNT, the classic gaming machines come in three sizes – 4ft, Counter-Cade and Party-Cade – with an option for collectors, kids, those looking to relive their youth, and everyone in between. 

Perfect for retro video game fans, Arcade1Up’s cabinets are faithful, scaled-down reproductions of classic machines with full-size arcade controls, excellent arcade emulation, and multiple games in each cabinet. 

The manufacturer has secured some of the hottest and most iconic licenses, delivering an authentic and affordable retro home arcade gaming experience with the Australian offering set to grow over the coming months. 

So if you are a fan of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Magneto you can grab the 4’ Marvel Super Heroes Home Arcade Game ($999),

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or one of my favourites is the Pac-Man 40th Edition 7-in-1 4’ Arcade Machine ($999),

4-in-1 Pac-man 40th Anniversary Counter-Cade ($299) and there’s a Frogger Counter-Cade as well ($299). 

Other models initially available in the Australian market will include:

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4’ Arcade Machine ($999)
  • Black Series Head to Head Pac-Man Gaming Table ($1,199)
  • 8-in-1 NAMCO Pac-man Party-Cade ($499)
  • Pac Man Adjustable Stools ($119)
  • TMNT Adjustable Stools ($119)

Leading the retro video games market resurgence, Arcade1Up has changed the game with its innovative, high-quality products at affordable prices across the globe.

Standing at just under 4 ft. tall, each Arcade1Up machine is loaded with different classic arcade games and comes with an immersive full-colour, hi-resolution display and authentic sounds. 

The cabinets feature the original arcade games’ control and button configurations, eliminating any guesswork about gameplay. Add-ons include a stool and riser, allowing for the creation of a full arcade experience that fits perfectly in a den, office or apartment, and enables hours of fun-filled gaming.

Lifestyle PAC Man Partycade 8 game

For those with smaller spaces I love this idea, Counter-Cades are ideal to place on a desk or tabletop to display and play, the perfect item for those wishing to have a sizable collection, while Party-Cades can be played on a table or countertop, hung over a door or even on a wall (this is brilliant!). 

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Now.. let me show you what I’ve been working on, with a lot of help from my super handy brother. It’s getting there.. but I’m thinking there’s a much easier way of doing this lol

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Arcade1Up games are exclusively distributed in Australia by Powermove Distribution and available at the following retailers:

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