Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Review

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Review

Digital art is a massive enterprise at the moment, especially with the wild frontier of NFTs. Creating that art can be a process and lots of traditional artists are moving to their computers for answers. Some devices making the transition seamless are the range of Xencelabs high-quality drawing tablets.  

Drawing tablets in general are used by a variety of people in industries globally like Education, Graphic Design, Game Design, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Industrial Design, Architecture and more. In fact, think of any area where you would need to draw something or even write and you could apply these devices to that. It’s just about finding the right device and they don’t come much better than this.

The tablets are designed using input from industry-leading artists and include two battery-free pens of different sizes and weights to give you more freedom of choice while designing. Using the pen on the tablet you’ll see that it can react to the amount of pressure you place on it, just like the real thing. The 8192 pressure levels give you more control over your design whether it is in 2D or 3D and it’s completely LAG free. 

Each pen features clickable buttons as does the tablet, these are all programable giving you the freedom to manipulate your workspace and create fast and efficiently. 

Portable and Elegant Design

The pens also come in a handy carry case with a USB dongle and USB c adapter as well as extra pen nibs and a nib extractor. They all pack away nicely so you don’t lose bits or leave them lying around. There is also a protective padded carry case for the tablet, so lots of thought into how to keep your device safe if you are a travelling designer or just need to pack it away until you need it. In fact, the whole tablet is super portable at only around 8mm thick, and super light

The tablet itself is a really seamless design with a 16×9 ratio surface that is textured enough to feel like you are putting pen to paper. This is one area where the product exceeds the iPad and pencil as using that device to draw can feel odd and unrealistic with a pen on glass. 

There are LED lights built into the surface corners that are adjustable to allow you easily define the area you are drawing in.

The gently curved edge at the bottom of the device allows you to rest your palm and as the tablet only picks up the connection with the pen itself there’s no risk of messing with your work with a random wrist movement or press. 

Perfect for On The Go

You can choose to use the tablet plugged in or wirelessly. The tablet charges in around 2 and a half hours to give you 16 hours of usage and of course, the pens are battery-free which is a real bonus.

Setting it up took less than a minute, the USB dongle went into a free slot on the pc and seconds later I was drawing a cartoon fox in photoshop. 

Where to Buy

Amazon has the product I reviewed listed at around $339.99 here

But if you have a little more to spend it might be worth checking out the bundle that comes with the “Quick Keys” which is a fantastic shortcut device to complement the tablet.

Final Thought

The Xencelabs Pen Tablets come in a few sizes with options for colours on different models. The one I reviewed was matte black and sat on the desk nicely without being an eyesore due to that sleek design. The website has all the educational tools to start using the device if you are not strong with technology but its plug and play nature make it a must-have device for the digital designer. 

By Doccy Darko

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