Xbox Series X Unboxing in Only 60 Seconds

My Xbox Series X arrived today, I must admit I was surprised it arrived on time and I’m super excited to check out the speeds this beast can deliver.

They are talking 4 times faster than the Xbox One X, and very minimal load times.

I was worried that the unboxing experience might be tainted for me, I’ve already watch a few people online unboxing early access versions of the console and I’m always a bit concerned that by watching them open the thing I really want, I might not get that same “present” buzz you get. Let me know in the comments how you feel about unboxing videos and if you like to see more or less of them.

I’m really keen to see the difference with Watch Dogs: Legion, I recently got a care package from Ubisoft with that game in it and you can watch what else was in it on my channel, feel free to subscibe for more.

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