No Console Required: Xbox Game Pass on TV

Xbox Game Pass: No Console Required

Microsoft is looking at bringing the popular subscription service “Xbox Game Pass” directly to TVs and devices with no console required to play, and it could be as soon as inside the next year.

The thought is that the company will release a streaming device like Roku stick, amazon fire or Google Chromecast as well as an app for smart TVs. The development is said to be targeting Samsung’s TV apps service and will allow users to play the Xbox Game Pass cloud feature directly to a TV with only a controller required.

The cloud service has already seen success in the last year as a way to play some of your Xbox collection on the go using a mobile device and an Xbox controller. The downside is you need a very fast internet connection to avoid dropouts and framerate issues. Something lacking a bit in most areas of Australia. 

As the device and app will be streaming only it will mean that you won’t be able to play any games that are not cloud compatible or download the game directly to the device. It is however a very important step forward in the world of gaming, imagine not needing a console in the future. 

Google’s Stadia device attempted something similar but the uptake was not all that successful. Xbox might have more luck with many years of experience in the industry and it is an add on to a platform that is already adopted by millions of gamers worldwide.

By Doccy Darko

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