World War Z – Review

World War Z is a game from developer Saber Interactive that is based on a movie that is based on a book. But it holds its own as an action packed four-player cooperative third-person survival shooter with masses of zombie swarms that chaotically rush the living.

The game switches style between sneaking almost stealth to fast-paced gameplay in an instant. One moment you are crawling along a dark tunnel the next you are running for your life in an attempt to get a better vantage point and mow down the Zombie hoard that is trying to over run you.

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The characters in the game all have unique backstories

The Paramount Pictures film starring Brad Pitt showed us moments of this especially with that iconic scene with the helicopter view of the zombies climbing on each other in order to frantically scale walls. The good news is there are plenty of moments like that in this game, the bad news, no Brad Pitt.

Instead World War Z is more like the books in that it explores new storylines and characters from around the globe. You learn more about how individuals and small groups are dealing with the outbreak and sometimes those moments can be quite intense. There are other moments where it seems like a story you’ve seen or heard a hundred times, after all there’s no shortage of Zombie games, TV shows and Movies in modern entertainment,

At first glance you might think this is little more than a third person version of one of the greatest Zombie games ever made “Left 4 Dead”. Although this game borrows a lot from it’s predecessor it actually feels more unique than that. Especially when it comes down to the amount of Zombies on the screen at once, there is genuine panic as the swarms roll in.

Movement and combat can be more likened to games like “The Division” and the arsenal of weapons at your disposal is varied with rocket launchers, machine guns and grenade launchers plus melee weapons like the awesome chainsaw or sword. Probably the most useful weapon was a surprise to me the first time I used it, the crossbow. I picked it up and expected it to be very Daryl Dickson from the Walking Dead but instead found it to have explosive tips that sent Zombies flying in all directions, which turned out to be the most satisfying weapon in the game. There are also great armaments to assist with defending an area like turrets, barbed wire, and more.

The level design is something to admire as the depth of detail and use of multiple environments both help to evolve the story. Although you are being pushed in a direction it never feels forced and your decisions feel like your own.

The co-op nature of the multiplayer is a much better experience with a group of real people. At times I loaded in and was left with a couple of bots to make up the extra numbers and the AI although good wasn’t good enough to really assist during the encounters. I found myself running around reviving them from bad strategic positions which gave me a few mission fails. When you load in with a squad of real people the game is a far superior experience. So grab a headset and make sure your mic is on because communication is key to survival in the Zombie apocalypse,

World War Z is a Zombie title that will satisfy any urges you might have for good old fashioned monster slayer game with enough character building mechanics to encourage you to keep coming back. Great for a squad of mates looking for something quick and fun.

The reaction to the game is extremely positive

I played the game on PC but it is also available on PS4 and Xbox One. The game sold over 1 million units in it’s first week so you shouldn’t struggle to get a game with real people.

Rated MA15+

Score: 8 out of 10

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