Working from Home? Here are 6 Tips to Improve the Way You Sit

The world is adjusting to working from home being the norm, in some cases we never have to deal with the hassle of driving in peak hour traffic or even busy public transport but it has opened up a whole bunch of other issues, like how to stop doing a 24 hour workday, where to get a decent coffee from and making sure your workspace is both professional and ergonomic. 

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One way to cover off on both those things is with a product from Twelve South called the “Curve Riser”. Essentially it is a premium metal stand that raises your computer monitor to a level that is more consistent with today’s ergonomic standards, improving your at work posture and keeping you healthy. See below for 6 tips to improve the way you sit.

Designed with the iMac, iMac Pro in mind this also works well with other brands of monitor if your workspace is run on a Windows PC. For example my workspace has a Samsung monitor and although it’s designed with a large base and tends to lap over the edges of the Curve Riser, it still looks fine and most importantly is stable and raises the screen to a really comfortable level for me to work on. 

As well as being a nice curved modern shape the accessory also sports a shelf to keep all sorts of knick knacks on keeping your overall deskspace free of clutter. The design also allows for cables by being backless so you can put your external hard drive or other device in there and hide your cables around the back. At the moment, I have an Elgato Stream deck and EPOS | Sennheiser GSP300 External Sound card displayed on it and it fits nicely and is more accessible. The sound card fits really well, but you will struggle with larger devices, this is really for those small gadgets to keep the area nice and neat.

The extra bonus of the shelf is in it’s design, the various small holes over it keep it ventilated making sure you have optimal airflow for devices that tend to heat up a bit.

This is the sister product to Twelve South’s “Curve” so if you currently use that for your Macbook, this is a good addition for your monitor as the designs complement each other.

Probably my only thought for improvement would be to have the shelf be adjustable to allow for larger device storage under the monitor, but I can see why a more solid/stable design is preferred especially when your expensive monitor or iMac is being considered. 

6 Tips to Improve the Way You Sit

This device helps massively with posture and here are some tips for how to set up your workspace for optimal performance.

  1. Make sure your eyes are level with the top of your computer monitor. Stacking your monitor on some paper or boxes might help, but a proper stand will make you feel better about your workspace. Laptops make this nearly impossible as the screen and keyboard are so closely connected, but using something like the curve will help with that.
  1. Pay close attention to your shoulders. Are they relaxed and low? If you feel like you are lifting or hunching your shoulders then you need to adjust the way you sit. 
  2. This is one people often miss, making sure that you are not reaching too far to get to your keyboard and mouse. Your arms should be bent at the elbow and it should feel close and comfortable..
  1. I’m a bandit for this one. Keep your feet flat on the floor and don’t slouch! Adjust the height of your chair so that it’s not just your toes touching, or putting your feet up on the desk.
  1. You might think that this is uncomfortable at first but keeping your upper back straight is vital. Building up your core through exercise will improve this. Your lower back is where the  natural curve is that is supported by your chair, so make sure you have a good one. 
  2. Try to keep your screen an arms length from you while sitting up straight.

Keep safe when working from home,

You might feel more relaxed than in the office but you still need to look after your health. 

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