Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Nintendo Switch Review

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2014 Wolfenstein reboot was released to most systems in October of 2017, so nearly a year later we finally see a version for the Nintendo Switch.

I say “finally” but to be fair it’s not really the sort of game we expected to see on the Switch, even after the success of the Doom port.

The game is an amazingly over the top shooter that has one of the best story driven campaigns you will see. A alternate timeline which includes victorious Nazis regimes and futuristic technology in a  1960’s setting. The opening level alone is enough to play this game for as a broken BJ Blazkowicz battles Nazi’s that have invaded his U-boat, from a wheel chair. This is one of the most bizarre concepts I’ve ever seen in a first person shooter, but is also up there as one of the best.

On the Switch it’s no surprise that the games graphics take a bit of a hit. They certainly don’t feel as crisp as the more powerful consoles, but the game is just so full of depth of story and adventure that you won’t even notice. I’ve played for hours and seen no noticeable issues with performance either. It’s amazing they can get a game this big onto the handheld console. I mean they did it with Skyrim but that was a 7 year old game.

The one issue I have had with the switch version was a bug with the menu system. When I would go to any of the menus the selector wouldn’t move up and down, but a quick restart of the system fixed that up straight away and I was back to shooting bad guys in no time. The IT crowd were right, “turning it off and on again” fixes anything.

Wolfenstein 2: The Last Colossus is a great addition to your Switch library if you’ve never played it before. If you have already played this year old game there will be nothing new here for you apart from gaming on the go and that may not be enough. While it’s great to see big title’s like this on Nintendo’s handheld there is a part of me that wonders how long it can keep it up. The next generation of AAA first person blockbusters will surely be too powerful for this system to play.. or will they?

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