Why Should I Switch to “Dark Mode”?

In recent updates to mobile phones it’s become almost the standard for people to switch from the normal bright daytime setting to “Dark Mode” and the question is why?

First, “Dark Mode” sounds much cooler doesnt it? I mean Darth Vader used the Dark Side of the Force in Star Wars and they had much cooler powers and he was kind of a bad ass. There’s Darkseid from DC Comics who is also awesome and arguably would’ve made the Justice League move much better had he been in it, and Donny Darko, one of my favourte films and a name that was inspiration for my gamer tag.

But then there’s the “Dark Web” that we don’t even want to think about with all it’s creepy goings on. Nope don’t even go there.

“Dark Mode” on your phone basically changes the colour scheme of your device or web browser to use darker colours in backgrounds allowing text to stand out. This helps you read better in low light scenarios like in bed at night.

But it does more that that for you and your device there are actually some serious benifits to putting your phone into this mode and leaving it there.

For a start, it really should give your phone more life. Most phones these days come with OLED Screens which means rather than “backlighting” the screen like some older TV’s it actually turns pixels on and off. To have a black screen means that most of the pixels are actually off. 

This helps in reducing the power consumption as well, so your battery life should improve dramatically some sites claim you will actually get a 30% increase in battery life. 

The jury is out as to if Dark Mode is also much better for your eye health, though. If you are vison imparred it can offer a better experience for you and allow you to use technology you previously havent been able to. Also, if the Dark Mode setting you are using tints the screen with more red or yellow light instead of blue then you are exposing yourself to less blue light which is a good thing. Blue light affects your sleep by reducing the bodies ablilty to produce the sleep hormone “Melatonin”. Which is why it is suggestest not to use your phone or watch TV directly before bed.

So that’s why everyone is changing to Dark Mode on their smart devices. I do it just cause it looks much cooler.

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