Watch Dogs Legion | What We Know

Ubisoft announced the next in the “Watch Dogs” series called Watch Dogs: Legion and at their Ubisoft Forward presentation, we got a good look at how that game is going to play.

This will be the third in the franchise and takes place in a dystopian future set in a fictional version of London. So basically.. England after Brexit, that’s pretty dystopian after all London is famous for its massive amounts of surveillance technology in real life, it’s not a far stretch to give it a little gaming polish and set this series there.

In this new Watch Dogs game you play as more than one character, in fact as the name suggests it’s a “Legion” of people, the story progresses based on which Dedsec member you take control of at any time, it’s a super ambitious looking game but given the history of these titles, we know they can pull it off.

The game will feature Multiplayer, although we don’t have a lot of details on what that means we do know at least we’ll be able to play with our mates which often brings a whole new dimension to gaming.

There’s three classes in Legion, Enforcer, Infiltrator and Hacker. Depending on the attributes of the characters you take control of on missions the game will play out very differently, in fact Ubisoft has said that there are 5 main storylines with over 60 mission.

The game has been pushed back a few times for various reasons but it looks like we’ll finally get to play it from October 29 2020, The great thing about that is it will be super close to the next generation console roll out and they’ve already said that if you buy the game on a current-gen system you’ll automatically get the upgrade for your new console for free.

Taking a look at all these titles mention in the Ubisoft Forward presentation like Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and now this Watch Dogs Legions the next year in gaming is going to be massive.

Watch the full event here:

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