Unboxing the EVE Smart Plug (& Review)

Today we are unboxing the Eve Energy Smart Plug,

Now these things are really cool, they just plug into your regular powerpoint at home and turn it into a smart power point that you can control with your apple device like an ipad, iphone, ipod touch or run it all through your Apple TV or HomePod..

The blurb says, “Switch appliances on and off from anywhere. Know how much power they’re using. And have them come to life on their own. Everything about Eve Energy says: you’re in control.”

And it really does,

Here’s some real life ways you would use a device like this, 

Say you are out and you want to turn a light on at home to make it look like someone is there, you can do that remotely.

Or you’ve gotten into bed on a cold night and just got comfortable when you realise you’ve left the light on in the living room, all it takes is “hey siri, turn off living room light”

Maybe you’ve just jumped on a flight and are sitting on the tarmac ready for your trip away when you realised you left your hair straightener on. Well if it’s plugged into a smart plug you can check if it is on and switch it off if necessary so that your house doesnt burn down while you are away.

Or say this example. I plugged this device into my Christmas Tree, “Hey Siri, Turn Christmas Tree On”.. see the light go on the power board there, obviously switch the power to the tree on. “Hey Siri turn Christmas Tree off”.

Set a scene, so if its bedtime, say “Hey Siri it’s bedtime and have the smart plugs power off lights and turn on night lights in kids rooms, stuff like that. Being voice activated makes it so much easier, but you can also just get your phone out and switch things on and off as well, if your baby is asleep in the other room and you want to be quiet.

You can also set it up with your Apple HomeKit to allow you to set timers for if you are away or in the case of the Christmas Tree, Turn on when the sun goes down let’s say around 6pm and then Turn off Automatically when you usually go to bed. Easy. 

The other great thing is if you hook up multiple devices to smart plugs all over your house you can really get a great look at your energy consumption. Power Bills in Australia have been skyrocketing so being able to track this information and set timers for certain products or just see which ones are using the most power is going to be a handy tool. 

The Eve Smart Plug is a clever device that would have multiple uses for any home, most importantly it’s a plug that gives us the power to be energy conscious, this is the kind of device that makes us feel like we are in the future. 

I can seriously recommend that any Dads may want to add this to your Christmas wish list for 2019. 

Light goes on.. Light goes off.. Light goes on.. Light goes off.. This will keep me entertained for hours.

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