Two Point Campus – Management with a Twist of Crazy

Two Point Campus is a fun simulator where you build your dream university in order to shape the lives of your students by managing a range of wild & wonderful courses.

The game follows on from the mechanics that were designed for Two Point Hospital and brings that same style of irreverent humour to an educational campus environment where you’ll need to juggle enormous school budgets and the welfare and happiness of the students and staff attending. This can include making sure that the campus is up to code with how clean it is and that there are spaces for entertainment, dorms, bathrooms and other areas.

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Two Point Campus is jam-packed with new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams but be warned the layout may not always go to plan. It’s important not to get obsessive-compulsive over slight discrepancies in your campus overall as you’ll benefit more from a productive workflow rather than aesthetics. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though.

Building outside allows you to lay down pathways, landscaping and trees to create some truly beautiful spaces thanks to some really easy-to-use tools. Fill those spaces with benches, fountains, sculptures and more. But be careful not to blow all your budget on this as you can easily do, leaving the purpose of your school wanting.

Starting the game with the campaign will teach you to play as you go, bringing up new events with different scenarios and goals to achieve. This will allow you to spend hours creating your style and evolving your skills to be ready to take on bigger and a bigger and better campus and eventually move into the Sandbox where you can have some real fun.

Building a standard school might get old really quick but this is not your typical sim game, this is a game built to twist and turn with your imagination. You can build a Knight School for students to learn the medieval arts or a Spy School that you hide behind a fast food disguise or perhaps it’s the  Gastronomy, where your students will learn to create giant pizzas and enormous pies. You’ll find new and laugh-out-loud moments each time you go in a new direction.

There are plenty of maps to unlock to keep your journey through Two Point Campus fresh and the art style is cartoonish and fun but as a management game is where it really excels. Growing the college into something to be proud of that makes money (in-game obviously) and is a joy for all the people who attend is surprisingly rewarding. 

This game was supplied for review on the Xbox Series X and while I found it easy to play and found the controls to be quite intuitive I’d imagine that the game would be best played on PC.

Two Point Campus is available now on PC, Sony PlayStation® 4|5, Microsoft® Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and you can play it on Xbox Game Pass (Day 1 release)

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