Top 5 PS5 Hacks Actually Worth Looking At

We’ve been using the PS5 for nearly a year now and there are some really strong features that not alot of people talk about. Some might call them “PS5 hacks” others “shortcuts” but either way they will make your gaming experience a bit easier on your PS5.

Here are the Top 5 PS5 Hacks
Annoying Pop-ups in game
ps5 hacks 1
I just keep going back to that Batman game

Pop up notifications while you are in game can be really frustrating especially when you are trying to get lost in a story or concentrate on an important boss battle. To mute notifications simply push the playstation button and then click “Do Not Disturb”. This stays active until you either turn it off or log out of your system. If you want to adjust the types of notifications that can come through, then you can choose individual options per type in the settings.

Easily Mute in a Second
ps5 hacks 2
The Orange light will flash

Playing with your audio nice and loud is a great way to immerse yourself in a game, but sometimes you have to mute it so you can hear someone calling you from the next room or are stopping down to take an important phone call. To do this simply hold in the button below the playstation symbol button until it starts to flash. To unmute just press it again.

External Drive Best Practice
ps5 hacks 3
When a drive is plugged in you’ll see the options

If you use an external drive to store your games and play a variety of PS4 and PS5 titles it’s probably a good idea to enable this feature in order to allocate best performance. Just go to settings, Storage and here you will see “Extended Storage”. It’s here you select “Always Install PS4 Games to Extended Storage”. By selecting this it will store your PS4 titles on the external drive as they require less to run. Therefore your PS5 titles can be stored on the internal SSD where they can take advantage of the faster performance.

Log in with Offline Mode
ps5 hacks 4
This is the first screen you see when you boot up

You’ll add this to your daily PS5 Hacks for sure. If you want to log in and play some single player games without alerting your Call of Duty buddies that you are online then there’s a simple solution built right into the main screen that lets you do that. On your login image press options, then select “Appear Offline”. This will take care of it before you get to the menu so there won’t be any alerts sent to your buddies who might text to say “Hey saw you jump on and then off again, wanna play some COD?”. Sometimes you just want to play some single player in peace. If you change your mind later just press the playstation button , your user icon and change your online status to online.

Stop playing with “Weak” Haptics
ps5 hacks 5
Get Ready to Rumble!

The built-in mic is a really handy feature on the DualSense controller but did you know that if you have it active it automatically adjusts your vibration and haptic feedback to “weak ” 50%. You want to be able to take full advantage of those features so make sure they are set to “strong” in settings, accessibility, controllers. Best solution is to not use that built-in mic and get yourself a headset instead. It’s a Win / Win solution.

There are plenty more tips and tricks for using your PlayStation 5 and I’ll be releasing more over the next few weeks.

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