Time Crisis Announced as Latest Retro Machine at Arcade1Up

Relive the Thrills of the 90s Arcade Scene with the Iconic TIME CRISIS Arcade Machine

In a stunning announcement that has retro gamers buzzing with excitement, Arcade1Up has unleashed a true time capsule from the 90s – the legendary TIME CRISIS Arcade Game. Transporting players back to the golden era of arcade gaming, this cabinet is a tribute to the adrenaline-pumping experience that captivated countless players when it originally debuted in 1995.

The TIME CRISIS Arcade Game boasts a meticulously designed cabinet that stands at an imposing 177.8cm, perfectly emulating the towering presence of its original counterpart. Offering an unparalleled arcade experience, the cabinet features not just one, but two guns equipped with mechanical slide action, ensuring that every shot fired is brimming with authenticity.

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Time Crisis Complete with Foot Pedal

The game’s single-action foot pedal, a defining feature of the original TIME CRISIS, has been faithfully recreated in this Arcade1Up release. Engaging in frenetic gun battles while strategically taking cover and launching into action using the pedal is an unparalleled joy that has stood the test of time.

The modern features include WiFi-enabled leaderboards so that players can compete to prove their sharpshooting skills and all without the need for any subscription.

Like most of Arcade 1Ups official cabinets the attention to detail is evident from the cabinet’s light-up marquee to the 17” LCD screen that showcases the games with a more modern clarity while retaining the vintage charm that madethe arcade so famous. 


A blast from the past is back, Time Crisis from @arcade1upofficial #arcade #retrogaming #retro #timecrisis

♬ original sound DoccyDarko

It’s not just Time Crisis either, this cabinet is a 4-in-1 lineup that also includes the briliant Point Blank:

  • TIME CRISIS: Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action as you take on the role of an elite agent, battling against the nefarious Wild Dog and other iconic bosses.
  • POINT BLANK: Test your reflexes in a series of fast-paced shooting challenges that demand precision and speed.
  • STEEL GUNNER: Step into the cockpit of futuristic mechs and engage in intense battles against robotic adversaries.
  • STEEL GUNNER 2: Continue the mechanized mayhem in this sequel, where even more challenges and enemies await.

The inclusion of these classic titles ensures that players will be treated to a diverse range of arcade experiences, each with its own unique flavor of excitement and challenge.

Arcade1Up’s commitment to authenticity shines brightly with this release. The TIME CRISIS Arcade Game is poised to become the crown jewel of family game rooms, man caves, and even office break areas (there’s a hint for my bosses).

This machine has been on the wishlist of many retro fans since Arcade 1up started making these devices to preserve arcade gaming culture.

Other titles available through them are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, Terminator 2 and a game at the top of my own wish list “NBA JAM” as well a few pinball machines.

Seriously though, who do I need to talk to about the next machine being “Wonder Boy in Monster Land”.

I recently reviewed the Arcade1up Infinity Board Game table as well, you can read that here.

For those who yearn for the days of neon lights, pixelated graphics, and the triumphant clatter of tokens, the TIME CRISIS Arcade Game from Arcade1Up is an invitation to relive the glory days of arcade gaming – without the need for coins.

Grab your friends, holster your light guns, and prepare to embark on a nostalgic journey that promises unforgettable fun.

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