They Built a Real-Life Fallout Vault in Australia

To celebrate the release of Fallout on Amazon’s Prime Video (the TV show based on the popular Fallout video game franchise) the team has created a real-life “Vault” right here in Australia.

“Vault 33”, could be an innovative solution to housing undersupply in Australia. Sitting directly under the foundations of Sydney’s CBD, the futuristic property showcases the infinite lifestyle possibilities of digging down rather than up and out which is inspired by the release of Amazon Original Series Fallout, streaming exclusively on Prime Video from today.

fallout sydney1

Combatting the limitations of urban sprawl and vertical development, “Vault 33” unearths the potential of prime underground real estate for dwellers. It boasts wildly imaginative interiors, exclusive access to cutting edge Triple-S Technology – Safety, Survivability and Sanitation. 

Presented by Gavin Rubinstein of TRG, “Vault 33” presents a radical new solution for people seeking dwellings within Australia’s tightly held property market.

“Welcome home. This is the future of living in Australia – “Vault 33”. After touring these intimate living and dining spaces, you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to live above-ground. In a property market defined by scarcity, “Vault 33” presents the perfect, long-term and sustainable solution,” he said.

The hardened subterranean lifestyle is built underground, leveraging the abundance of abandoned Sydney tunnels and underground floors that already exist in the geologically-stable foundations of Australia. It is built from premium materials including reinforced sandstone and solid metal sheeting to ensure durability and longevity.

2fallout sydney

Vault 33” is inspired by the vault of the same name that features in Fallout, the newest original series from Prime Video. Inspired bythe legendary video game franchise and set within the Fallout universe, the series will follow three protagonists who cross paths on their respective journeys across the vast and dangerous Wasteland around them. Unbeknownst to them, they are all in search of an item that will not only determine their fate but the fate of the Wasteland. 

The property is will be open for inspection by the public from 12pm to 5pm Thursday 11th April, 2024. If you are in the area and want to see if for yourself register your interest here. Unfortunately as it is a fictional property it is not available to purchase or rent, but it does serve as inspiration for the future of housing.

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