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Everyone is loving the DJI Pocket 3 Creators Combo making it one of the most talked about camera setups of the last year. But in all the hype most people underplay or forget altogether that the quality of audio is truly outstanding and that is in no small part to the use of the DJI Mic 2 that comes included in the box. That’s why I decided to get a second mic and really put it to the test. 

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There are plenty of options on the market when it comes to quality sound using wireless technology and it seems in the last couple of years that technology has really leapt forward. RODE have what I would have considered the benchmark devices with their Wireless GO series setup but now DJI have launched a new version of their wireless mic system that is a really powerful tool for capturing clean quality audio in nearly any environment – The DJI Mic 2.

DJI sells the Mic 2 in a number of ways, you can buy the Mics individually, get one included in with your Pocket 3 combo or get a DJI Mic 2 Dual Kit which includes two mics, receiver and a hightech charging case. There’s no best way to get one, only the best way for your needs. 

Individual Mic cost – $179.95

In the Pocket 3 Creator Combo – $1,129.95

Or Dual Kit – $529.96

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Putting it straight out there, this is not the cheapest wireless mic solution you can get but through testing I’ve found it to be one of the more versatile and high quality solutions and has fast become standard in my daily kit bag.

When choosing your device you really want to look at audio quality and range and then go with features. The Audio quality on the DJI Mic 2 is premium including a 32-bit float option for that extra piece of mind when recording. I can’t talk highly enough of that feature that saves you from audio clipping, just when you think it’s unsalvageable. 

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When using two mics you can choose to split the audio from each device to either left or right channels or merge them into one file. Having the mics record internally as well gives you so many more options in the edit suite later and backups on backups which with audio is a must.

Then there’s the range, which is up to around 250 metres. So that means it can reportedly receive at the distance of nearly 2 average AFL footy fields, Why you would ever want that distance is for you to decide. But for me it wasn’t even worth testing, I’ll just take their word for it and use it in fairly close quarters. I did use the device walking away from a camera to around 50 metres and there were no adverse effects so go nuts, test it to its limits.

The battery life delivers an astounding 6 hours of recording before it needs a charge. This paired with the charging case which is said to add an additional 18 hours of power puts an end to the headaches of battery life while on a shoot.

Each mic also has an included deadcat windscreen to reduce the wind noise. They click firmly into the top of the device and paired with the onboard noise-cancelling system means you are getting near studio quality sound in an outdoor environment. Perfect for travel vloggers or anyone hanging out at the beach for the day recording content. 

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The individual mic transmitters have several options for recording audio. You can record directly to the device which is also great as a backup, transmit to your DJI Pocket 3 or Mobile Phone via a bluetooth connection or use the Receiver that comes in the DJI Dual Kit so you can shoot with your high end camera or also plug into you mobile phone or device. The fact that there are so many ways to connect either with or without the receiver makes this an incredibly versatile piece of hardware which is also why I suggest you look at your own use case before purchasing it so you can get the best bang for your buck. The combination of a DJI Pocket 3 and two DJI Mic 2’s is a near perfect solution for any on the go content creator who may want to do interviews or simply have a backup mic while the other one is on the charge.

If you like to adjust the settings on the Mics then I would suggest getting the version with the receiver that makes it a thousand times easier to adjust on the fly. You can adjust settings via your Pocket 3 as well, but the receiver is hands down the easiest way to do it.

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For me the thing that sets the device apart from the pack isn’t even the quality audio features as good as they are. It instead actually comes down to those well engineered quality of life features you don’t see on other brands. I talked about the connectors on the Pocket 3 being the stand out feature and on the DJI Mic it’s something simple that gives a similar feel. 

When you are attaching the mic to your clothing the DJI Mic 2 has one of the best designs I’ve seen in any lapel style mic. First there is the option for the peg clip which is pretty standard, but then there is the tiny square high powered magnetic attachment that you use on the other side of your shirt to hold the mic in place. This means you can place it further down or in a more hidden spot. I’ve also found it to still work well with the magnet on the outside of the shirt and the mic under it, meaning the only thing you will see is the small square DJI logo pin. It’s the most invisible design I’ve used and unique to this device.

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The DJI Mic 2 is one of, if not the most versatile wireless mics on the market. It might be difficult to split the difference in audio quality between it and the RODE, however it comes down to those additional features. It’s these features I couldn’t go without, like the magnetic clip, intuitive design and simple ease of connection to your devices.

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