The Slimmest Gaming Laptop Ever – Review

There is no doubt in my mind that the ASUS Republic of Gamer laptop range is one of the sexiest on the market. I’m always happy when I get to test drive one to put it through it’s paces as a gaming machine, but also as a day to day workhorse machine.

asus zephyrus
Sexy and slim

This week I’m taking a look at the ASUS Republic of Gamers GX531G known as the Zephyrus. It takes it’s name from the Greek God of the west wind and also the god of spring. He was known for being very handsome and that is a great way of describing this machine.

It’s like your laptop went on a juice diet but kept all the muscle

It’s a sleek design that boasts that it is the slimmest gaming laptop ever and I’m not going to argue with that as at just 15.35 to 16.15mm thin. You could drop it through some storm drain grates and never see it again. Very impressive.

The machine features a Geforce RTX™ 2080 GPU that allows for real-time ray tracing in games and of course the latest Intel® Core™ I7 processor. This is so much power crammed into the sleek design it just amazes me how the engineers are able to achieve this. It makes the machine as powerful as it is portable and makes my Nintendo Switch look like a Game & Watch device that could only run an LCD version of Donkey Kong in comparison.

When you open the laptop you’ll notice the interesting hinge that is a scissor-door. It opens the Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) vents. This is such a clever idea and watching it in action really makes you feel like you are playing with something that is next level in the technology stakes.

Distracted Easily by Shiny Objects

Like all ROG machines the keys are very customisable with colours that stand out like you wouldn’t believe. On this system the Keyboard is pushed all the way to the front of the machine. I’ve got to say that when I first booted the machine up and started using it I really didn’t gel with the the placement of the keyboard and trackpad. Over time I got used to it but I still prefer the placement on machines like the STRIX SCAR 2. It’s a hard thing to judge though as it really comes down to personal preference and some gamers would prefer using a seperate keyboard anyway.  It seems like the the slim design of the machine may have forced the keys further down, it would be incredibly difficult to keep a machine like this cool and the way they have done it works really well.

All the Fun Stuff

Running modern games on the machine is a breeze, it takes everything in its stride playing on maximum settings on games like Crackdown, Forza Horizon 4 and Apex Legends.

rog2Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege benchmark test is usually a fair indicator and came back with results that were superb. It’s so smooth with an average frame rate of 120fps but it got as high as 180fps (depending on what area you are in and didn’t really drop below 101fps).


Zephyrus is super thin with next to no bezel as well making it a true engineering masterpiece in the gaming laptop arena. The fact that they have designed it this way without losing any grunt from the machine is just astounding. If you are a gamer who travels a lot then this is something you should look at. It can slide easily into a backpack for a long plane trip and it’s sleek, sexy but equally professional design will be equally impressive if you pull it out of your work satchel for a meeting.

A great versatile powerful gaming machine.

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