The Remaster of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is Scarily Good Fun

If you played and enjoyed the original “Luigi’s Mansion 2” or as it was known in some countries “Luigi’s Mansion – Dark Moon” on the 3DS then you are in for a treat with the new and enhanced version that has been released on the Nintendo Switch under the name Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.

This new version is wonderfully presented as you visit the chilling locations around Evershade Valley, unlike the first game you are not confined to a single Mansion, making the adventure much a much larger and enjoyable experience.

luigismansion2 ghostdogs

The brilliantly named Researcher, “E.Gadd” informs you that the Dark Moon that once hung in the sky was what pacified the ghosts of the valley, but it was mysteriously shattered and it’s up to you to recover the pieces and restore peace to the land. You complete this through exploration, adventure and lot’s of puzzle-solving.

Luigi has two tools at his disposal. The Strobulb is a torch that reveals hidden objects and other illusions and the Poltergust 5000 Vacuum which is essentially a parody of the Ghostbusters Proton Packs. The thing that is so surprising about the devices is how the game allows you to discover new ways to use them in order to solve the puzzles in unique ways. 

The single-player mode is a wonderfully fun adventure with great animation and a fun story, while Multiplayer is all about ghost hunting more than exploration as you and up to 3 friends clear out a mansion complete with boss battles.

I’ll admit, every time I see a Nintendo remake announced I feel disappointed that it’s not a new title. That is, right up until I play the release and remember that Nintendo is just really great at making polished and playable games and that each of these Mario Universe titles deserves that fresh coat of paint and to live on for a whole new generation.

Luigis Mansion 2 HD on Nintendo Switch is a 4 out of 5

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