The PS5 Controller is here!

Sony just dropped seemingly out of nowhere the design for their new controller to accompany the PS5 when it releases later this year. The big news is that it is a fairly significant shift in design while still keeping to the overall core of a Sony controller. 

The DualSense™ wireless controller is a unique new vision for the company and follows some design principles that we have kind of seen before with their VR headsets. 

The sleek futuristic design is in a two tone colour of white and black with the trademark blue light shifted from the front of the controller to instead sit inside under the trackpad giving it a more RGB feel. Take a look at the images they released and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Building on the touch bar that was released with the DualShock 4 controller it seems that the company is pushing developers to use this new and improved haptic touch version on the PS5 system a lot more with the new console.

Sony says the Haptic motors are considerably improved This is why we adopted haptic feedback, which adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud.”

Awesome, all my driving cars through mud games are going to be so much better!!


The buttons and sticks are all pretty much in the same spots we’ve always known them to be, so there’s no shift in moving to an offset configuration with the movement sticks like we see on the xbox controller. I know everyone is going to be different with this, but I really do prefer that offset controller style, and I use the systems pretty evenly.

The grip looks a little straighter than the previous controller, Sony have said this to improve your hold, but also to fit some of the many features inside the chassis. 

It’s good to see that the rechargeable battery comes as standard shipped with the device. It always annoyed me that it was a “Sold Separately” feature on Xbox and seemed like a poor choice money grab.

The “Share” button that was introduced obviously didn’t work out for them because it’s gone on this new controller, Those features can easily be added through side touches and menus and it’s probably better to leave it up to developers how and what to include for games.

The design is getting mixed reactions online, as it was always going to. If they had left it the same people would complain that it wasn’t innovative enough, if they had made radical changes people would complain about that as well. So I think they actually nailed it, it’s enough of the old with a little bit of new. I just hope it comes in a completely black version, those white controllers just can’t stand up to my late night “cheetos fingers” binge sessions.

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