The Outer Worlds – Review

Imagine if they took a game like Fallout and rather than the post appocolyptic setting they decided to create a world that is more than a little similar to the TV Series “Firefly”. Well you don’t need to imagine, because that is exactly what they have done with “The Outer Worlds” and they pull it off in spades.

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Now this is not a Fallout game, but it is made by the same company that gave us one of the best Fallout games (Fallout: New Vegas). Yeah it wasn’t even their game but they took hold of the reigns of the IP and delivered one of the best experiences in the series history. Now they’ve taken what they learned from makeing that game and built a whole new IP based in outer space across various planets and I think this could be a real contender for Game of the Year.

You start off on a spaceship speaking with a mad scientist from your cryogenic chamber that you’ve just awoken in. The tone of the game is set straight away, there’s a dark humour that borders on “Rick and Morty” but not quite as ridiculous. You are then launched to the planet below to start your adventure in this vibrant, fun and at times irreverent universe. That’s what makes the game so good, it has serious moments, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. A fine balance that the developers have nailed.

It feels like a 60’s Sci Fi Show with modern day humour.

Graphically impressive, “The Outer Worlds” takes the open world and makes it feel larger than it is. There are big differences here with style compared to Fallout as well. One of my big gripes with those games is the texture mapping on things like rubble on the ground, it always just looks like a mess of pixels. Outer Worlds will surprise you with it’s detail in this beautiful imersive world. If I had to compare the style I’d say it looks like a cross between Fallout and No Mans Sky, but with none of the faults.

Character interaction is built on player choices in conversations. Depending on how you level up your characters attributes you’ll see new dialogue options open up for intimidation, truthfullness or knowledge based answers. Like if you are talking to an engineer and you have that skill, you can impress them with your knowledge on the subject. This gives the conversation more depth and even a more “human” slant.

The side quests are done very well, with stories that are a little off beat (in a good way) and you’ll find yourself wanting to finish as many of them as possible even before you continue on with the main quest.

Companions help you along the way but if you choose to go it alone with no help from NPCs then you have options to use perks that bonus your attributes for doing so. Alternatively there are bonuses for having the extra help and the story moves along alot better with the company.

“The Outer Worlds” is a strong contender for Game of the Year and that’s in a year where we’ve had games like Borderlands 3, A Plagues Tale and Sekiro. Without a doubt this is just the begining for this game as it’s guaranteed to birth into a franchise that will keep us entertained for years to come.

Available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC (use Xbox Game Pass to play on both Xbox and PC)

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