The New Samsung S20 Range is Here and is 100x Better

The latest Samsung flagship phone is here and is pretty impressive.

It comes in three models, so there’s the S20, S20 plus and S20 Ultra, and pre orders of some of the range are getting a free pair of the wireless headphones from Samsung, which I should say are AKG which is the same brand we use in the Random 30 studio. These new Galaxy Buds retail for around $299 so its a nice way to offset the cost of these phones that are pretty expensive but full of great numbers when it comes to the technical specs.

Galaxy S20 is from $1349, S20+ from $1,499 and ultra from $1999 so comparable to the iphone but certainly an expensive device for an average phone user.

It’s a big phone as well ranging from 6.2” diagonally to 6.9” on the ultra and comes with Gorilla Glass 6 for extra protection. I’d still say you’ll need a screen protector so don’t skimp out on that. It’s an expensive device after all. You need to protect your investment.

The “Infinity-O Display2” screen is amazing! It’s the brightest screen on any phone available right now and Samsung seems to have brought it in a little so it doesn’t spill over the edges as much as previous versions. Making the overall feel of holding the device much better.

You can choose between having it run at 1080p at 120htz or at 1240 at 60htz which is a big decision depending on if you want a crisper picture or a faster more seamless scroll. Considering 1080p looks great anyway I’ll always opt to run it at 120htz because you spend so much time scrolling on your device.

This phone, (especially the Ultra version of it) is being dubbed the phone that will change photography and to some extent that may be true.

There’s up to 64MP in the high resolution cameras of the S20 and S20 Plus but a massive 108MP in the Ultra. The Ultra also boasts to have 10x Hybrid zoom and up to 100x Super Resolution Zoom which is impressive in tests, but I’m not sure about the practicality of using any of the shots you could take. Still, it’s good to have the option.

I really like the design of the front facing camera as well, which is a small cut out rather than the chunky bezel heads you see on other models. 

The low light photography is better than ever thanks to a much bigger sensor than seen in the Galaxy 10. The jury is out as to if it can compete with the amazing low light photos you get on the Google Pixel, but the overall phone here is far superior.

For Video, this is the first phone I’ve seen that shoots in 8k. Those files are going to be massive and you’ll need an 8k device to watch them on but it’s another great example of a company breaking the technology mold to deliver something new for us all.

One of the big questions of any phone is battery life and this has energy in spades. This is a multi-day use phone with the S20 sporting a 4000mAh battery, the S20+ with a 4500mAh battery and the Ultra a massive 5000mAh. Battery life will always depend on usage and how maxed out you have your settings, but this should give you at least a couple of days before needing to charge.

This is a great new addition to the Samsung family as the new flagship phone and it will be great to see what creative ways people will use all the new camera features for. It’s a tad on the expensive side, but phone enthusiasts should quickly make this their phone of choice.

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