The Magic of Monkey is at Work and We Can’t get Enough

Ever since I was a small child I’ve been obsessed with the “Journey to the West” story of the Monkey King. The best adaptation for me is still the amazing show that Australians would watch on ABC TV after school called “Monkey” but we’d all affectionately refer to it as “Monkey Magic” because of the words in the theme song. Now there’s a new version of that show which is pretty good and worth watching called “The New Legends of Monkey”. Let’s just live in the nostalgia for a bit with the originals theme song.

A new Monkey is going to be on us soon and it has seemingly come from nowhere and it arrives in the form of a video game.

Black Myth: Wukong is developed by Game Science Studio and is an Action-Adventure video game set around “Journey to the West”. A 13-minute game play trailer was released online and was brilliantly recieved as the footage is recorded directly from a pre-alpha game build work in progress and looks better than most current full release titles that have been churned out in recent years.

This looks like a game that developers have really taken their time with the detail of graphics, the style and the combat mechanic and we couldn’t be more excited

If you can read the language, check out more here:

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