The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is a Worthy Upgrade to Family Game Night

The Jackbox series is back with “The Jackbox Party Pack 10” so get ready to upgrade family game night with more than a few laughs and a whole bunch of silly fun.

For years, the Jackbox collection has been synonymous with uniting players in a whirlwind of hilarity and imagination. All it takes is a smartphone or a computer/console, making them incredibly user-friendly and quick to set up.

The games’ zany humor and ingenious prompts have a knack for unleashing players’ creativity and wit, leading to side-splitting, unpredictable outcomes. I often liken the humor in these titles to the board game “Cards Against Humanity” which can be funnier depending on just how far your group of friends is willing to go in search of a joke.

In previous titles you find yourself crafting outlandish retorts in “Quiplash,” inventing absurd contraptions in “Patent It!,” or doodling laughably misshapen sketches in “Drawful” The Jackbox titles have an innate ability to transform even the most reserved individuals into comedians.

You don’t even need to be in the same room, using social features and the capacity to engage with friends remotely have cemented Jackbox’s position as a staple for virtual gatherings, we’ve had more than one meeting hijacked by a quick game of Jackbox over the years.

“The Jackbox Party Pack 10” delivers all the laughs in a few new titles but there was one that really stood out for my group and it actually surprised us all.

Tee K.O 2

Included this season is a new edition of the title Tee K.O 2 . This game focuses on drawing and writing as everyone crafts funny tshirts and slogans.

This time however there’s options to pop your design on a hoodie or tank top giving you more context to your design. The second round is where the real creatives come out as you add a slogan to someone else’s picture design. You can play Tee K.O. 2  with 3-8 players.


In FixyText is a team work inspired game that involves writting.

This is a bizarre yet fun addition to the series based around responding to a text message and could be the new “Quiplash”. Working as a team is key here as you’ll end up with responding with some nonsensical gibberish while everyone is trying to quickly type out a response at the same time. This game supports 3-8 players.


Hypnotorious is a game where your acting skills are put to the test and is for 4-8 players. In the game you must answer questions in the style of the character you are given while at the same time keeping your identity a secret. It’s kind of Jackbox’s “Among Us” in a way and it takes some time to warm up to the game, but when you do it’s a blast.


Jackbox has always felt like going to the best “Pub Trivia Night” you’ve ever been to and that’s where a game like Timejinx shines. You are a group of time travelers in a high stakes trivia game. The trivia can be a little easy at times but it’s important to keep all people playing invested in the game and there’s plenty of inclusions to keep an even playing field. The theming is really fun and unique and you can play with anywhere between 1 to 8 players which is great.

Do Re Mi

In Dodo Re Mi you are a group of birds who have a keen ability to mimic music. You use you smartphone as a musical instrument so that your flock can create a beautiful sound and escape the clutches of a ravenous jungle plant.

Dodo Re Mi works in a similar way to many other music based games with pressing your button at the right moment to create the sound. Some of the music you’ll make with large teams can be fun and the fact you can play it for longer periods makes it very different to other titles in the series. It’s the stand out title for this pack for us and supports 1-9 players.

What a set of games!

“The Jackbox Party Pack 10” out on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, I was supplied a copy for review purposes on the Nintendo Switch and it’s certainly my prefered platform for the series given the consoles extreme portability.

It’s great to see the team at Jackbox really pushing the boundries of the franchise with new and exciting ideas that for the most part really come off. Having a collection with some new ideas and some classics like T KO really gives you great variety.

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is just a great game for family/friends game nights or work virtual meetings. It’s got all the good vibes of a classic pub trivia night without the hassle of crowds. 

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