The Countdown to State of Decay 2

Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios have given us a look at the official launch trailer for State of Decay 2 which we’ll see on Xbox One and PC May 22.

The sequel see’s a vastly improved multiplayer mechanic where you can “Choose the way you survive” by helping to build a community while playing out your own unique story.

You can play the game on your own or in co-op so it’s going to be interesting to see just how different it is the the first game.

The good news is it’s going  to be available on the Xbox Game Pass at launch, much the same as this years other big Microsoft title “Sea of Thieves”. For me, 10 bucks a month seems like a much better deal than forking out our hard earned for a full price for a game that you could be bored with after a couple of weeks. I’m not saying I’m not going back to Sea of Thieves but well.. I’m probably not.

I don’t believe that will be the case with State of Decay 2, after the pleasant surprise of the first game I have really high expectations for this.

Check out the trailer here:

and in case you missed it this was the reveal trailer from E3 2016

To get more on STATE OF DECAY 2 keep an eye on and the Facebook page as I’m keen to play this one and share my thoughts.

State of Decay 2 is released for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on May 22.

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