The Bards Tale 4: Directors Cut

Bard’s Tale 4 was a good game when it launched a little under a year ago, but with this new directors cut it’s take “good’ and made it “better”.

They’ve spend some time updating the game engine to deliver what is a more stable, seamless bug free experience. The original release had loads of problems depending on who you talk to.

This may be the best Fantasy RPG on consoles this year

The visuals are said to be improved but on comparison it looks more like the gamma has just been turned up a notch. Apparently there was a “visual tradeoff” to do with shadows going from dynamic to baked. This was probably due to the original bugs but also coincides with the release to consoles so I assume there’s a “one size fits all” decision here. This game looks good but it’s not going to win any graphics awards, it’s solid but the true experience is through the story and game play.


The systems have be rebalanced, you’ll notice straight away too that the UI is a hell of a lot easier to navigate and there are extra inventory filters and other enhancements that make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

After you fix 40 pages of bugs yeah you deserve a second chance.

There’s a new introduction, but because I didn’t play the original release I can only assume that it’s the bard playing in the tavern one at the very beginning that although an ok scene feels out of place with the next few cutscenes. I felt like I could be looking at two or three different games in the first 20 mins.

The Bard’s Tale series are without a doubt some of the greatest RPGs ever created. Ever since we played the first one back in 1985 it was considered a spectacular role playing experience that was the closest we had seen to playing a live Dungeon’s and Dragons game on a home computer.

Playing a Bard’s Tale 4 brings with it the nostalgia of those classic games while giving you a splash of modern gameplay and graphics. The combat system is on brand with the original titles but updated enough to be a pleasant experience for newer gamers who may not have played the originals.

The hours of gameplay you will get from the immersive storytelling will be well worth whatever you pay for this game. You have to remember, these games were “Skyrim” before there was “Skyrim”. So get in there and treat it with the respect it has earn’t from being a popular series for nearly 30 years.

If you purchased the game on PC previously you get the Directors Cut for Free and it’s good for other systems that they get to start with a game that feels more like a finished product than a year ago

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to jump in at this point because everything feels really good to me. If you are hesitant to go again remember this key word “free” (if you’ve purchased it before). If there is one thing I’ve learnt from games like “No Mans Sky” it’s that given time a studio can turn a game from being disappointing into an absolute masterpiece, It seems that inXile has achieved exactly that here.

If you want to experience the original trilogy that has been remastered and is available for sale, and through Xbox Game Pass. You can even get it free with a purchase of Bards Tale 4 on Steam.

updating an absolute classic of a series

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