Tech Review: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

The next generation of home security is here “NUKI SMART LOCK 2.0 and it’s a solution to one of our oldest problems, how to stop locking yourself out of your house.

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NUKI have designed an incredibly easy product to install to a door on your home in fact it’s the easy of installation that really makes it a wonder. Some smart locks on the market require you to get an electrician in or at the very least replace your current locking mechanism. Not the Nuki Smart Lock 2, this clever design works with your current lock.

Now it is easy, but it doesn’t work with every type of lock. The great news is nuki has a short Question and Answer sequence on their website that helps you determine if the lock will fit the door you want it to well before you part way with the money to buy one.

Once you have the smart lock installed over the keyhole of your inward opening door you’ll be able to get to work setting your Key Fob and wireless keypad for easy entry. This is what makes this gadget so special, the multitude of options that are at your disposal. You can use those items for entry or you can connect it to your phone, I mean we lose our keys.. But we don’t let our phones out of our sight!

Nuki is built on the latest technology and that means its powered by bluetooth 5, which gives you better range, and better processing power making the device respond instantaneously. You can even use voice activation through Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Nuki say they have delivered over 70,000 Smart Locks to customers, mainly in Europe, that number is expected to reach over 100,000 by the end of 2019. It makes sense too, those Europeans love style and I remember seeing more than a few Air BNBs set up with Smart Locks. This is a great way to never have to replace keys and you can just change the door code for each new person that stays in your accommodation.

During the Christmas holidays, this would be a good option, especially if you are going away. It’s extremely secure, and you can give a code to someone who is looking after your house or feeding your fish. You can use the app to limit the time the access to your home is available, So a person can only enter during daytime hours. 

Another handy feature is being able to look at your phone to see if the door is locked, we’ve all had that feeling when you are already up the road and you can’t get rid of that nagging sensation that you didn’t lock the house. At a simple press of a button you can lock the door if you have it networked with the Nuki Smart Bride and a Home device like an Apple TV or Home Pod. If you are feeling super lazy.. I mean efficient you can program the auto lock to simply let you in when your and your device are in range.

After multiple uses I found that the lock didn’t skip a beat for me. It would lock and unlock without error every time, I am in a fairly modern home and the door is a perfect fit. The design is slim and sleek and because it does not replace your current lock you still have your old key as a backup incase the batteries die or you end up getting a fault.

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