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I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch, especially since Witcher 3 was released on it. I find myself playing the console more than any other. A big part of that is because it is portable, being able to lay back on the couch or bed after a big day at work and stare at a screen for a couple of hours after I put my daughter to bed is my way of winding down.

More often than not when I’m playing the console I’ll be using some Apple headphones plugged into the headphone jack of the system. Its frustrating how no matter how you position them they always work their way back to be a tangled mess that gets in the way of your fast moving fingers and thumb (I’m sorry Nintendo, I love your system but that is a MASSIVE OMISSION). That is life with a cord and you have to get used to it because Nintendo never included Bluetooth in the system so you can’t just connect your favourite wireless headphones to the device. That is where AirFly steps in, to fix the issue.

12s Airfly Switch LS2 HiRes no logos

The small white device is super simple to use and just as easy to pack into your Switch case or laptop bag. It plugs into the headphone jack of the device you want to use it with and then connects to the Bluetooth on your headphones. Suddenly you have the freedom of wireless and it is amazing.

AirFly will also come in handy in other aspects of your life. If you are on a long flight and don’t want to use the cabled headphones on the plane, plug it into the headphone jack of your seat and your have instant access to your own headphones, after all you probably paid a lot of money for them and want to be listening in comfort with quality. Headphones are a really personal purchase, everyone likes something difference and has preferences, so it’s great that this device will link to any device.

12s AirFly Standard Plane LS

The device also goes the other way, so if you have an older car model without a USB in or Bluetooth connection you can plug the AirFly into the jack on your car stereo and transmit your music or podcast to your car stereo. This is a much better alternative to using other devices that rely on a radio frequency to broadcast as they often get a lot of annoying interference when you are driving or close to another device on the same frequency.

12s Airfly Gym LS3 HiRes

There’s plenty of other ways you can use it as well, like a treadmill at the gym or your home stereo or a boat. Seriously you will probably find a use for it I can’t even think of yet. That is the beauty of it, versatility.

AirFly Pro also lets two people listen to a device at once. So it works like a wireless headphone splitter. Imagine the Kids are asleep in the next room and you don’t want the TV up too loud. Here is your solution.

Tech Update – Airfly Pro

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The battery life on the device will give you around 8 hours of charge, so you’ll get quite a few uses out of it before you’ll need to pop it on it’s usb charger. But it also fully charged in next to no time at all, so you’ll be back in business before you know it if you forget to charge it.

Overall the device does a relatively simple task extremely well. AirFly Pro let’s you use wireless headphones and earbuds on wired headphone jacks. Doesn’t get much simpler than that, but it’s those simple ideas that are the real game changes in life that you ultimately wonder how you got by with out it.

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