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TADO Smart AC Control – Smart Heat Pump Control

Apparently, it’s the smart way to control your air conditioner or heat pump..

That’s what we are going to find out in this video unboxing and review.

Now let’s see how we can upgrade this smart home with a heat pump control.

Now I’ll be honest they threw me a bit with the “heat pump” thing. I guess that’s what it’s called but in Australia, we just say Air Con, and you either have a reverse cycle or ducted. If you are super fancy. If you are super unlucky you just have fans and as I learnt recently fans keep people cool, air-con keeps rooms cool. 

One thing is for sure though most homes that use Air conditioning can really suck the power especially when you are living in a hot Australian summer climate and this summer has seen some scorcher days, which means some scorcher power bills. Heating and cooling can account for 40% of an average Aussie household’s energy use. 

Interested? You can buy one here.

Tado has released a few different models of smart home upgrade that help you monitor your power usage while still keeping your house at a comfortable temperature, cooling it when you need it rather than just turning it on and leaving it for long periods of time.

These controllers link into your home via your wifi and smartphone so it works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Alexa.

In the box is the Smart Ac Control,

Adhesive strips to stick it up

A power adapter that is wrapped up with more plastic than Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks

And a USB cable which is USB to Micro USB

The instructions are really easy to follow and have nice clear illustrations but most of the setup though comes from downloading the TADO app on your mobile.

It takes no time to install and syncing with your Air Con Remote is as easy as taking a picture of it and then recording an on/off function. Then the machines beep a lot and you are ready to go.

Once it’s in-action there are lots of features and functions. The device monitors the Air Comfort of your room and from there you can set a schedule to create a balance of comfort and power usage. 

If you leave a window open, it sends you a reminder message asking if you want to turn the AC off to conserve power and if you leave your home it can detect that and turn it back on when you are on your way home so the house is pre-cooled ready for you.

The device measures both temperature and humidity which can cause mould to grow in your home. So by keeping your air quality in check it’s easy to avoid potential harmful things and having it all on your phone right where you can see it is what having a Smart Home is all about. 

I tested the model on a fairly old Fujitsu Heat Pump, it’s also said to be compatible with most manufacturers like Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Daikin, Honeywell, Pioneer, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens, Hitachi, Haier, Carrier, General Electric, Frigidaire, Sanyo and Whirlpool.

The Tado Smart AC Control is one of those cool devices that brings your home a step closer to being a smart home without the need to rewire your whole house. I would’ve liked an option to hardwire the device in so that you don’t have a long USB cable hanging down but it’s not that big an issue. The fact that it works with both IOS and Android is a big plus.

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