Survive at Sea in RAFT

If you listened to Episode 3 of the podcast with Doc and Luke (Super Nun10Doe) then you would have heard Luke talking about a new game on steam that is early access.

This is that game, and it’s called RAFT.

Raft started it’s life much like the story in the game as a prototype on The support from the community, helped it to grow into an Early Access version full of new features, online multiplayer and more.

In the game you are stranded in the ocean with nothing but a rope and hook that was made from old plastics.

Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea!

Gather debris, scavenge reefs and build your own floating home, but be wary of the man-eating sharks!

In a gaming world that is dominated by zombies and battle royale RAFT is a breath of fresh air. It’s a survival game, but very much a unique take on the genre and well worth a look.

Raft is developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games

Check out the official site here:

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