Superman Game Rumours From Rocksteady

A little while back Rocksteady teased us with some motion capture tests leaving us all to speculate what game they were working on. They had stated that they were done with Batman Arkham but what were they moving on to next?

Well the rumour mill is in full churn with whispers that it could in fact be a new Superman game that the developer is working on. The game would use the Unreal 4 engine and provide players with an open world “Metropolis” that would be 3 times the size of Gotham in the game “Arkham Knight”. There would be a large population of buildings.

(Superman: The Animated Series)

Superman himself would be nerfed to the point of something similar to the Superman: Animated Series and would battle against his nemesis “Brainiac”. He would still be super strong, but not to the point of being able to destroy buildings.

The game is rumoured to be set within the Arkham universe so cameos from the Batman games would not be out of the question. The thing to get right in a Superman game would be the tone. Not to dark not too light, it would have to be just right.

But like I’ve mentioned a few times, this is all rumour. It’s enough to get a Superman fanboy like myself to get really excited for though, the work Rocksteady did on Batman was leaps and bound ahead of anything else “Video Game Superheroes” where doing and the only thing that even looks close to competing with it is the upcoming Spiderman game from Sony.

Let’s hope this “leak” leads to an official announcement soon.

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