You Can Finally Play Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario RPG is out for Nintendo Switch. Originally only released in Japan and North America on Super NES, the first-ever Mario RPG has been overhauled for Nintendo Switch with completely new graphics and a range of other new features for the first time, including powerful Triple Moves that players can unleash in battle. It’s a great chance to play this amazingly unique Nintendo title for the first time in Australia and in the best possible version of the game.

Super Mario RPG

In the game, Bowser resumes his typical mischief by kidnapping Princess Peach, prompting Mario to embark on a rescue mission. However, that’s where the games diverts from it’s predictable formulaic tale as the confrontation at Bowser’s Keep takes an unexpected turn when a larger threat, Exor the Giant Sword, emerges. Exor crashes down onto the keep, shattering the Star Road and triggering a powerful tremor that scatters everyone. Now, Mario must locate Princess Peach, forge new alliances, and uncover the sinister plans concocted by the Smithy Gang before it’s too late.

What is Super Mario RPG?

Throughout their journey, players will encounter like-minded characters who will join their quest, ranging from the amiable Mallow and the enigmatic Geno to the unlikely ally, Bowser himself. Each party member possesses unique Specials, adding strategic depth to the quest. Together, our heroes must confront the numerous minions of the weapon-like Smithy Gang, determined to achieve world domination by unleashing their metallic menace upon the land. Keep an eye out for Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and other foes who have allied with the Smithy Gang.

In the turn-based battles of the game, players must skillfully time their button presses using Action Commands to amplify damage dealt or minimize damage received. Executing a perfect attack damages all enemies simultaneously, while a well-timed defense prevents any damage. Each successful Action Command fills the Action Gauge, allowing players to unleash a potent Triple Move once it’s fully charged. Depending on the current party composition, the move varies, encouraging players to experiment with different character combinations.

Super Mario RPG

Items play a crucial role in battles, offering options to restore Flower Points (essential for using Specials), heal team members, or even incapacitate enemies. Weapons and armor are also available to enhance the party’s capabilities, providing boosts to basic attacks, various stats, and more. The introduction of the Breezy difficulty mode ensures accessibility for players of all experience levels, with the flexibility to switch difficulty levels at any point in the game.

Super Mario RPG is a great experience for all fans of the Mario series. It’s like no other adventure the team have been on and owns every moment of just how gloriously weird it is. The new version of the game keeps the nostalgia of it’s original release while at the same time delivering a modern RPG with charm and humour.

It’s easy to see through playing this epic titles just how much it has influeced titles like Paper Mario and even Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle in the years since it was first launched. Even though there was a brief look at the game via the Wii-Virtual-Console in 2008 we’ve never really had Super Mario RPG available in Australia in a form you want to play and easilly accessable for everyone, it’s great to see this title restored for all to enjoy.

While the game has a few minor hiccups that are the result of a game from 1996, it’s ultimately very polished and a pleasure to play. It feels a little “squashed” visually but has all the charms you’d expect from the world of Mario as well as the brilliant RPG stylings of a company like Square.

It’s one worth checking out on Nintendo Switch.

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