Super Mario Remasters, Battle Royal and AR Kart

Nintendo have announced the best way to celebrate the 35th birthday of the original “Super Mario Bros.” game that became one of the biggest most recognised brands in the world. The company has decided to release a whole catalogue of ‘Mario’ titles for the Switch some of which you’ll be lining up to play again in a remasted form.

Straight up they released “Super Mario All-Stars” which is a reboot of their 1993 compilation of the first three “Super Mario Bros.” games and ‘The Lost Levels’. This is all online right now and has vastly enhanced 16-bit graphics.

On September 18th will come the most anticipated of the group “Super Mario 3D All-Stars”. This compilation has graphic enhanced versions of fan favourites like the Nintendo 64’s “Super Mario 64”, the Gamecube classi “Super Mario Sunshine” and the amazing WII title “Super Mario Galaxy”. Get in quick as this is for a limited time only and only available until March 31st. Talk about creating demand, but it will be worth it, just to play Super Mario 64 in remastered glory.

Next year “Super Mario 3D World” and “Bowser’s Fury” will be available from February 21st These two Wii U titles will be available on Switch with an online multiplayer mode.

But in some minds “old games and just old games, what about something new”

There’s a new “Super Mario Bros. 35” due for release on October 1st this battlle royal is said to be inspited by “Fortnite” but will feature retro graphics. The idea will be the last Mario standing and should be a big push for the Nintendo Online service as its for subscibers only and also strangly only available from October 1st 2020 to March 31st 2021.

If you are a fan of the Mario Kart games then this is the title that will change everything. From the trailer its one of the most unique games I’ve ever seen and it looks like great fun. “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit” is out October 16th. Using and advanced augmented reality with what looks like remote-controlled cars equipt with hires cameras to let players actually create your own races around your house and compete on and off the screen at the same time.

They’ve also announced that there will be no shortage of Mario products this Christmas, adding to the already suceessful Lego Mario, we’ll also see Mario Monopoly, Puma and Jeng plus a few fan events are being held in September and beyond, but it will be wait and see on those depending on Covid restrictions.

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