Super Mario Bros Wonder Extended Gameplay Feature

Prepare for an exciting plunge into the unknown with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest iteration of Mario’s adventures and the first 2D side-scrolling Super Mario game in over a decade. This new installment offers a fresh experience with a newly introduced Flower Kingdom to explore and a diverse array of playable characters. The new game introduces an intriguing element known as Wonder Flowers, which are game-changing items capable of producing astonishing effects.

Super Mario Bros Wonder
About Super Mario Bros Wonder

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the Prince Florian extends an invitation to Mario and his companions to visit the Flower Kingdom, a neighboring realm just beyond the familiar Mushroom Kingdom. However, Bowser, the formidable King of the Koopas, has evil intentions. With a single touch of the enigmatic Wonder Flower, Bowser merges with Prince Florian’s castle, granting him newfound powers that sow chaos throughout the land. Now, the responsibility falls on Mario and his friends to thwart Bowser’s plans and rescue the Flower Kingdom.

This game represents a modern and epic reimagining of the beloved Mario series that has captivated generations of players, blending classic elements with innovative concepts. Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers hours of exhilarating fun for up to four players who can enjoy local co-op gameplay on the same Nintendo Switch console.

One notable multiplayer feature worth highlighting is that if a player is defeated during local co-op, their character transforms into a ghost and hovers around the course. Should another player reach them before the time expires, the fallen character can quickly rejoin the action, and the group will not lose any lives. Additionally, if a player chooses Yoshi as their character, others can hop on his back and traverse the course in style.

red mario console

Furthermore, in anticipation of Mario’s upcoming adventure, a Mario-themed Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Mario Red Edition will be hitting stores and the My Nintendo Store on October 6th (the game is not included with this system). This special edition console, along with its two Joy-Con controllers and Nintendo Switch dock, features the iconic Mario Red color scheme. On the back of the dock, a dynamic silhouette of Mario in action can be seen, along with some cleverly concealed coins. Keep an eye out for pre-order details at your local retailers and the My Nintendo Store in the near future.

Super Mario Bros Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to launch in retail stores, the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, and the My Nintendo Store on October 20th. For eager players who can’t wait to embark on their journey in the Flower Kingdom, pre-orders are currently open.

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