Streets of Rage Movie is Coming from “John Wick” Creator

Films based on video games can be hit and miss, mostly miss. But with recent commercial successes like Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 and Uncharted movie studios are turning to other classic franchises to deliver adaptions worth watching.

One game with a great storyline could be the next to get the Hollywood makeover as SEGA is set to turn the iconic Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) arcade beat ’em up game franchise “Streets of Rage” into a feature film.

About Streets of Rage
Watch this playthrough of the classic game from NintendoComplete

Streets of Rage is a series of side-scrolling beat ’em up games that first appeared in 1991. The story focused on 3 ex-police turned vigilantes who set out to rid their city of a large crime syndicate whose corruptive influence had spread into the government. A story that would have suited the early 90s action movie genre.

The main characters in the original title were Axel, Blaze and Adam who battled against the forces of Mr X. The later sequels added more playable characters.

In 2020 Streets of Rage made a triumphant return with a 4th game that took place 10 years after the events of the 3rd title and was a wonderfully crafted homage to the original franchise by a team who had previously shown faith in continuing a legacy with 2017’s Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap.

It’s believed this recent film has been revived by “John Wick” creator and “Nobody” scribe Derek Kolstad who has penned the script basing it on the original game.

Previously in 1994 one of the most popular side-scrolling beat em ups, “Double Dragon” was adapted to film but was more of a cult success with many people including it in their lists of “Worst Video Game Movies of All Time”. Let’s hope Streets of Rage breaks the trend.

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