“Star Wars Hunters” Reveals New Trailer for Free to Play Mobile Game in 2022

Somebody gave the creators of mobile games FarmVille and Words with Friends the keys to the Star Wars castle and look at what they came up with!

A new gameplay trailer has been premiered for Zynga’s “Star Wars: Hunters”. This is the competitive arena combat game being developed for Mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch and it looks far better than any mobile game you’ve ever played before.

Watch the Star Wars Hunters Trailer

In the trailer we see characters from across the Star Wars Universe engaged in high-intensity team battles across various landscapes. It looks like it includes locations from the original trilogy including the ice planet “Hoth”, the desert planet “Tatooine”, and the forests of “Endor” home of the Ewoks.

We’ve looked at some of the characters before but the trailer shows them in action. include a pair of Jawas, an angry dual club-wielding Wookie and an interesting droid who is programmed to believe it is a Jedi.

We understand that players will be able to customize the characters in multiplayer battles of four-on-four combat.

This free-to-play mobile game “Star Wars: Hunters” is due for release in 2022.

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