Amazing Aussie Speedrunners Assemble for Charity

Australian Speedrun Marathon is back for 2022

The ASM2022 is a speedrunning event, featuring exhibitions of talent from all across Australia, as the runners try to complete some of your favourite games as quickly as possible. 

The event will be live-streamed on Twitch and viewable in person if you are in Adelaide, (Australia) from July 13 to 17th. A full schedule is online now at 

That’s nearly 5 consecutive days, with over 100 hours of content! 

Some of the games included in the program include Doom Eternal, Super Mario Bros, Spyro the Dragon, Silent Hill, Skyrim and Pokemon in the collection of classic games with a few more modern titles.

You can check out videos of previous speedrun events on their Youtube page.

This year the team are supporting Game On Cancer, an Australia-based charity dedicated entirely to funding early-career cancer researchers and to date has provided over 540 research grants to young scientists with ground-breaking innovative ideas, many of who have gone on to become leaders in cancer research globally. 

ASM2022 is joined this year by gaming peripheral maker HyperX as the major partner, supporting the production of the event with its high-performance gaming hardware, promoting the marathon to the HyperX community and donating to the fundraising efforts.

This is a really fun gaming event that brings together the best of the speedrunning community for a great cause and we should all try to get behind it with donations if we can. 

By Doccy Darko

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