Sony Playstation & The Kid Laroi Team Up for New Campaign

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) have teamed up with Australian musician ‘The Kid Laroi’ for a PlayStation campaign showcasing ‘Choose Your Colour’. 

It’s actually one of the none hardware features I really like about this generation of Playstation, the multitude of colours for the Dualsense and the ability to swap out the face plates on your console. Currently I’m running the ‘Spider-Man 2’ plates with a matching controller, but seeing this new Sterling Silver, I might be ready for a change-up.

Match your play to your energy. DualSense wireless controllers and PS5 console covers available in Sterling Silver, Cobalt Blue, Volcanic Red and Midnight Black.

Check out the full range now via the link and tell them Doccy Darko sent you (they wont ask, but tell them anyway).

Doccy Darko

Doccy Darko

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