You Can Now Play Sonic The Hedgehog While Sitting In a Tesla

SEGA has just announced a partnership with Tesla to bring the OG lovable hedgehog, the game that started it all back in 1991, to Tesla’s in-car gaming console for both existing and new models.

Passengers turn into players as they race at lightning speed across classic zones to defeat enemies on a mission to save the world from the evil Dr Eggman, all in the comfort of their own car!

To be fair Musky, come back and see us when it can play Cyberpunk 2077 with no framerate issues. But who am I to argue with Time magazines person of the year 2021 or whatever.

While we are talking about the little blue guy, take a look at these old-school commercials from when the game was first released.

Classic Sonic Commercials (Can you watch these on your Tesla screen?)

SEGA is excited to partner with Tesla to bring this iconic Sonic title to their extensive gaming library which includes Battle of Polytopia, Beach Buggy Racing 2, Cuphead, and Stardew Valley

The game will be available in all Tesla models around the world via the built-in display screen in conjunction with a handheld controller connected through the car’s USB ports.

Given the current prices of Teslas, maybe it might be cheaper to buy the kids some Nintendo Switch consoles for Christmas and glue them to the seats in your current car? The classic Sega title is available on pretty much everything these days.

Try the Genisis Mini or even one of this retro handheld (they were good enough for us growing up)

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Buy one via this link to Amazon

Just remember to keep your eyes on the road and the car to regular speeds.. unlike Sonic who can go as fast as he likes.

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