Someone Remade the Super Mario Movie Trailer with Classic Effects

There’s been a lot of internet chatter around Chris Pratt voicing the legendary video game character Mario in the upcoming animated film adaption by Illumination Entertainment.

Most of the chatter has been around why they didn’t get the high-pitched mock-Italian sounds of video game voice-over Charles Martinet who has voiced the character since 1992s Super Mario Bros Pinball Machine. (However, he was uncredited for that role and was later recognised for the 1996 title Super Mario 64 and nearly everything since).

We’ve heard a slight hint of what Chris Pratt will sound like in the upcoming movie via the first major teaser trailer but it has made us all wonder what it would sound like with the game voice in control, could we put up with that sound for an entire 2-hour film?

Well, one fan decided to take it one step further and ask, what would the trailer look like if they replaced all of the sound effects, voice work and music with that of the original game series, creating a completely different tone.

Mario Movie Remake with Classic Sounds

The proof is in the pudding and while I think this video is hilarious and well-made, it does point out the need for the actual theatrical release of the film to use modern sounds and actors in the roles. Jack Black as Bowser and The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton as the Penguin King really bring a whole new dimension to the characters as you can see here.

Official Teaser Trailer for The Super Mario Movie

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