So We Can Finally Agree On Something – Power Pic

I feel like this is a conversation most blokes can relate to. My Wife hates cords.

The problem is, I really like technology, so there are generally cords all over the place, that is until we reach an era where absolutely no cords are necessary. 

I think it’s more about the clutter than the cord itself, if a bench is visible, it needs to have nothing on it, or at least very little. I blame Marie Kondo. 

So I finally found some technology that will calm the “isolation induced discussions” at home and it’s perfect because it has a practical use and a technology use. 

The Power Pic is simply a picture frame made from New Zealand pine and holds a picture that is a standard 5×7. Ok that sounds nice. “A picture frame you say, is it digital?”

Well no, It’s actually much better than that.

This picture frame doubles as a wireless charger. So you can rest your Qi-enabled smartphone on it for fast charging. 

The best thing, it’s practical use of being a picture frame is great for keeping that space free of clutter. This is the future right here!

One feature that I really liked is that even with a phone case on your device the wireless charger picks up the device for action. Which is great, you don’t see that in a lot of wireless devices.

you can plug it into any USB charger or into your computer even. Looks great and has purpose, everyone is happy.

Now the big decision is what photo do I put in that frame. Something tells me right now while we are in isolation she would prefer a pic of the dog or child than to stare at me lol.. but then again maybe that is just perfect


All Apple iPhone models that feature wireless Qi charging, including:

– iPhone 11 Pro Max
– iPhone 11 Pro
– iPhone 11
– iPhone XR
⁃ iPhone XS Max
⁃ iPhone XS
⁃ iPhone X
⁃ iPhone 8 Plus
⁃ iPhone 8

Most other smarphones that feature wireless Qi charging,
including (but not limited to):
– Google Pixel 3
– Google Pixel 3 XL

– Galaxy S9
– Galaxy S9+
– Galaxy S8
– Galaxy S8+
– Galaxy S7
– Galaxy S7 edge
– Galaxy S6
– Galaxy S6 edge
– Galaxy Note 9
– Galaxy Note 8
– Galaxy Note 5

– LG G6
– LG V30

– Microsoft Lumia 950
– Microsoft Lumia 950XL

– Sony Xperia XZ2

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