Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review

There’s one feeling I always strive to recapture when I’m playing any type of game that involves being a sniper. It’s the feeling I got when I first saw the Jude Law, Ed Harris and Joseph Fiennes sniper movie “Enemy at the Gates”. It will always be for me the greatest representation of a sniper dual. The real question is does Sniper Elite V2 Remastered give me that same feeling. It’s kind of yes and no.

I was lucky enough to play this game on the Nintendo Switch and it stands out on that platform as there is not much else in the genre to compete with it. It’s actually well suited to the portability of the device with it’s short missions and quick load times.

This is a remaster of a game that was released in 2012 so you really need to take into account that the game is essentially 7 years old. The nice new coat of paint in the form of a graphic update goes a long way to modernising the title.

Additional extras include

• All DLC Included – Take down the Führer, with all DLC missions, maps & weapons
• Photo Mode – Share stunning photos with the community
• Multiplayer & Co-op – Compete in 7 modes, for up to 16 players online, or team up with a friend for 4 thrilling co-op modes
• Remastered Visuals – Feel like you’re on the front line with updated graphics bringing this classic to life and PS4 Pro 4K & HDR support
• New Playable Characters – Play with characters from Rebellion’s Zombie Army series

If you didn’t play the original release of the game you’ll find a nice World War II stealth shooter here. The sniping gunplay is well designed and very rewarding with the slow motion x ray killcam making each kill feel powerful as you see the bullet rip through flesh and bone. This is by far the better way to play the game as when you move in to close quarter combat it does feel more clunky, having said that the game is not called “Close Quarters Combat Elite” it’s “Sniper Elite” and it does exactly what it is supposed to.

When you are taking aim ready for the big stealth kill you need to take into consideration things like wind speed and bullet drop over distance as this will affect your shot. Playing on the smaller handheld screen does make this more challenging on the Nintendo Switch but not enough for you to mess up anything too badly.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is a nice reminder of where this series has come from, particularly if you compare it to the more involved missions of Sniper Elite 4. The update is nice and necessary as I don’t think a straight re-release of the original game would work with today’s standards. It sits perfectly on the Nintendo Switch and is a good game to pick up if you are keen for a shooter that you can take on the morning commute.

7 out of 10

If you’ve never seen the movie “Enemy at the Gates” do yourself a favour.

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