Smart Lights for “Grown Ups” – Review

It’s been a while since we talked about smart lights for your home and the technology has come along in leaps and bounds. One company has decided to take that futuristic RGB experience in a different direction, making something that is more accessible to the everyday home, not just for gamers and streamers.

smart lights
Mood lighting that doubles as a reading light

Nanoleaf Smart Lights

The Nanoleaf Elements pack has taken those futuristic wall panels and given them a refined wood grain finish. This adds a warm to cool lighting effect to your display wall that fits in nicely with a more natural feel.

Every room in the house has a different purpose, so for some the “Elements” range is going to be great in the rooms the family frequents while the “Shapes’ are great for the office or gaming rooms. I think the “Elements” is the first time my wife has actually said “oh you could set that up in the dining room” rather than banish the technology to my office next to the arcade machine I’ll eventually finish building.

The interesting thing when you compare this to the shapes range is that the Elements look good both with the lights on or off as the geometric shape in wood grain is a really nice artistic effect and with the lights on delivers a beautiful range of moods. In comparison to the “Shapes” range that when they are turned off the white on white sort of blends with the wall and when they are on they deliver a multitude of different coloured lighting themes. So each set creates a very different experience and if there’s one thing for sure, we all have unique tastes.

The Elements are as easy to put on the wall and design as other Nanoleaf packs, and the new backing adhesive strips mean that if you make a mistake or just want to change things up you can do so with minimal to no damage to the wall behind. 

One thing to keep in mind as you are doing your design is keeping the wood grain lined up from shape to shape. The instructions say its a design choice to line them up, but I found trialling both ways that having them in line was more appealing to my eye.

Elements 10x 3500K Wintery Living
Nothing to see here, just doing some “Adulting”

Linking it to the app is also pretty simple. This is where you can adjust your theme to be a glowing ember or a calming waterfall. It also features the mode that will go along to the rhythm of the music you are playing which has always been a crowd pleaser at dinner parties.

The inspiration of design comes from you and your space. Once you know where you want to set it up, you can either snap it all together on the floor to give you an idea of what overall shape you want to go with or use the apps augmented reality to see what your design will look like in the space.

One of the features that the kids really love is the “touch” capability. Each shape will light up when you apply pressure to it, turning it into a fun game. Think of Michael Jackson on the light up floor in the film clip to Billie Jean.

If you are looking for a smart light solution that will give you a calming mood and suit most decors then the “Elements” collection is the way to go. While being the same overall design as the “Shapes” it has a very different mood and style and feels a bit more “Grown Up” or that is at least what my wife tells me.

Buy now from the Nanoleaf Store on Amazon Australia

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Smarter Kit (7 Panels), Brown (NL52-7005HB-7PK)

Or use this link for the US

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