Shining a Smart Light on 10 Years of Nanoleaf

10 years ago a company was born via Kickstarter and was based on the idea of upgrading to a more efficient lightbulb.

That company is now a globally recognised leader in smart lighting named Nanoleaf. 

Watch any gamer, musician, TikToker or Youtuber and it’s likely that you’ll see a Nanoleaf product on the wall in the background of the videos that we watch each and every day. There are millions of users across the globe proud of showing off images of their tech.

It’s to just the creative sector that has embraced it either with normal homes adopting the smart lighting shapes, essentials and lines products for expressive colours in homes and other products like the elements range for a more subtle wood grain look.

The panels are a sinch to lock together and then link to the app on your phone or just using the attached controller you have access to millions of colours. 

Plus they are environmentally conscious by not using plastic wrapping or extra materials in the packaging. It’s sustainability that brought the team together in the beginning and continues to be a huge part of the designs today.

I caught up with CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf, Gimmy Chu to talk a bit about the story so far and what we can expect from Nanoleaf in the future.. He’s such a friendly and fun chat which you can watch here.

10 Years of Nanoleaf with Gimmy Chu

Now a limited edition smart light set is available to celebrate the 10th anniversary with huge discounts and Mystery and Swag boxes available on the website, but it’s one new limited edition item that also turns out to be highly requested by customers that is making all the headlines.

Ultra Black Nanoleaf Panels

These limited edition and never-before-seen 360-degree black finish panels offer a bold design paired with vibrant RGB lighting. 

It’s insane to see them in action as the black panels changing colour is something that is really unexpected and technically profound. 

While the regular white panels can blend into most walls when they are not active, these limited edition Ultra Black Panels allow you to show off your design on your normal light-coloured wall and give you more options if you are working with different darker shade walls or other surfaces. 

What’s going to be really interesting is seeing how the Nanoleaf fan community embrace this as it’s great to see how they enhance the product with clever artistic installations.

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by Doccy Darko

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