SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2 Full Game Line-Up Revealed

Nothing evokes memories of classic gaming more than loading a game and hearing the classic “SEGA” being sung back at you “Say…Gaaarr”.

In Australia, we had the Sega Mega Drive that was 16 bits of amazing, in other countries the same console was known as the Sega Genesis.

One of my fond memories as a teenage gamer was that my mate had the Mega Drive as well, but his father did some work overseas and would sometimes bring games back with him. The game cartridge differed in size and shape, so to compensate for that, they had filed out the edges of the cartridge slot to fit it in. They played perfectly and I distinctly remember playing Streets of Rage at his house and being absolutely blown away.

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2

Relive those memories and more as the team at SEGA get ready to drop the latest mini console that is probably the best value classic console to date with over 60 great games including 53 titles that will give you instant flashbacks and 7 games that are new ports or previously unreleased titles that have finally been given life. The Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Mini 2 is set for release on October 27th and we’ve got all the details.

The mini takes its style from the model 2 version of the console that was originally produced in mid-1994 and comes with 1 wired 6-button controller, USB power adapter, power cable and HDMI. It’s good to know that the controllers that came with your SEGA Mega Drive Mini are also compatible with this device.

To give you an idea of how “mini” it is, it’s 120.8 mm(w) x 32.2mm(h) x 116.5 mm(l)

The full list of games for this brand new Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Mini 2

After Burner II
Alien Soldier
Atomic Runner
Bonanza Bros.
Crusader of Centy
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
Earthworm Jim 2
Ecco the Dolphin (CD Version)
Ecco: The Tides of Time (CD Version)
Elemental Master
Fatal Fury 2
Final Fight CD
Gain Ground
Golden Axe II
Herzog Zwei
Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Midnight Resistance
Night Striker
Night Trap
Phantasy Star II
Rainbow Island Extra
Robo Aleste

Rolling Thunder 2
Sewer Shark
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
Shining Force CD
Shining Force II
Shining in the Darkness
Sonic 3D Blast
Sonic The Hedgehog (CD Version)
Splatterhouse 2
Streets of Rage 3
Super Hang-On
Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers
The Ninja Warriors
The Ooze
The Revenge of Shinobi
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
VectorMan 2
Virtua Racing
Warsongonus Games

Devi & Pii
Fantasy Zone
Space Harrier II (+Space Harrier)
Star Mobile
VS Puyo Puyo Sun

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