Review: Lenovo V330-151KB

Simple is the best way to describe the Lenovo V330-15IKB. It’s not the best of anything but it’s not the worst either. Well not all bad anyway. 

Top Line Stats

Radeon Software Version – 19.9.2
Radeon Software Edition – Adrenalin 2019
Windows Version – Windows 10 (64 bit)
System Memory – 20 GB
CPU Type – Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz


This laptop is a general work machine that isn’t going to blow you away with specifications but it’s also not going to break the bank. It’s from a range of Lenovo laptops that doesn’t carry a catchy name like the Thinkpad or Yoga or whatever else there is, it instead is like the people who it is designed for, gets in, does the job it was intended for and then gets out. A forgettable device that has a few nice features but no real X factor. 

The i7 processor paired with a good amount of RAM (20gb in this case) should give the machine enough power to perform all the tasks in a majority of powerful tools like the Adobe suite. But I have found some lag when using Character Animator and the machine froze on me 7 times when using Adobe Premiere Pro (each time in the Graphics setting creating lower 3rds) and the playback even at ¼  quality was generally slow and froze on single images with videos larger than a minute. Even working with basic videos of around 1 minute it struggled with the 1920×1080 settings and had catch-up issues when scaling a video up, I’d move the frame out and a few seconds later the move would happen.

lenovo 2

The graphics card is one of the machines worst assets powered by Radeons 530 entry level graphics card for laptops. This is not a gaming machine so a powerful graphics card is not all that necessary but it certainly wouldn’t help with the performance issues.

This model has the “Iron-Grey” finish which is nice around it’s 15 inch screen, but I’ve been spoilt recently with other brands that opt for a super thin bezel. This one at only an inch or so feels like it’s something thick from the dark ages of laptops. The overall machine is light though and when shut is relatively thin. 

Battery life is impressive as the QuickCharge battery is well suited to working in Airports or otherwise on the go, you also have an additional bay in the chassis that allows you to upgrade to a larger extra hard drive or an additional battery. The version I had was with the extra HD which comes in handy working with large video files. 

If you are working in a company and have to roll out a number of laptops to various users then I would imagine that a cost effective product like this one is an obvious choice. But I would urge that this is a machine built for word processors and internet browsing which it handles extremely well, not at all for content creation.

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