Red Dead Redemption 2: Gameplay Footage and Details

Captured entirely from in game footage this trailer for Red Dead Redemption covers the upgrades that have happened since the first game.

The fighting is set to feel both more dynamic and realistic. The gunplay has had work done on the reloading mechanics and shooting.

Relationships with characters in the game will open new missions and change the outcomes in the game.

The bond with your horse is important so you’ll need to look after them in order to grow that bond making it handle better. It looks like it will be a part of your character more than ever before.

The details are amazing, as he fires a shot a flock of birds scatter from a rooftop and the elements like smoke in the background add to the atmosphere.

Due for release on October 26, the anticipation for this title has almost reached peak, and I can’t see it disappointing.

More details at the offical website

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