Ranking The Top 5 LEGO Video Games Ever

Lego is turning 90 and from its humble beginnings as a wooden toy company in the 30’s to the mega global sensation that we see today it’s a toy that has partnered with the biggest franchises and created some of the most fun and irreverent video games you’ll ever play.

If there is one thing you’ll always walk away from any LEGO game remembering it’s the unmistakable humour that carries through each and every title. In some ways can be likened to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in that it’s full of self-deprecating jokes and a great consistent brand that delivers exactly what you want every time.

Top 5 Lego Games Ever


We saw a few of these gaming/toy combos from brands like Skylanders, Amiibo and even the Disney Infinity that brought the toys to life through your console. But LEGO Dimensions took it a step further with near-perfect execution. Here you would build the LEGO creation, and then bring it to life with the scanner. Unfortunately, it hasn’t stood the test of time and is discontinued, but it sure was great exploring the LEGO landscape with all those licenced products like Batman, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, The Simpsons, Harry Potter and just about everything else you could think of. It had a short lifespan of only 2 years so collectors are making a mint out of the product online.

4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (2013)

There are two of these games, but the first one still takes a special place in my gaming memories. Having the ability to free-roam Marvel’s New York City with over 155 characters that you know and love is the superhero game we deserve and hardly ever get. It was always hilarious to think that the best superhero games available are generally the LEGO ones.

3. LEGO City: Undercover (2013)

A game that was dubbed LEGO’s answer to Grand Theft Auto and in many ways this open world was everything it set out to be. The thing I absolutely loved about this game is it wasn’t relying on other intellectual properties for credibility. It took a simple concept we’ve played with since we were kids “LEGO City” and used great storytelling, humour and fantastic mechanics to deliver a cop drama that every age can enjoy. It’s also the best game I played on the Nintendo Wii-U.

2. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012)

While this game doesn’t deliver on the same amount of Minifigures as the Marvel title (around 60), it’s the gameplay, script and voice acting that makes this one of the most fun LEGO games ever made. There are moments where you’ll think, “did they just say that”? and it’s delivered in the most perfect and multi-age appropriate way. The banter between Batman and Robin and especially when Superman is involved is priceless

1. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (2022)

This gave us all the big moments from the Star Wars Skywalker saga episodes 1 to 9 and builds on the groundbreaking gameplay of the first two LEGO games. It’s now a definitive collection, so if you only own one Star Wars LEGO game, this should be it. The game gives you a chance to really explore some of the universe’s most famous locations and is probably the most ambitious LEGO title to date. Additional DLC packs have introduced characters from The Mandalorian as well. The thing that really sets it apart from other LEGO titles is the amazing space combat.


A day we should all mark in our calendars is the upcoming LEGO celebration of their “World Play Day”  on August 10, dedicated to reminding us that we need to cast off the shackles of work and commitment and spend time with our kids to play our hearts out. 

This year is really special as the group celebrates 90 Years of LEGO and we’ll all be encouraged to play for 90 minutes on August 10. 

Look out for huge events on World Play Day. If you are in the area, LEGO Australia is turning Sydney’s Darling Harbour into a playground with 20 life-sized LEGO Minifigures taking over the precinct until 14 August 2022.

Alternatively for families across the nation, Play Hour (and a half!) can still be a priority this World Play Day from home with lots of fun, creative play ideas at LEGO.com/90-Years-Of-Play or shared via #LEGO90years.

By Doccy Darko

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