Project: Scarlett is the Next Xbox in 2020

Xbox has announced that it’s next console will be built for primarily gaming. 

They say that Project: Scarlett will be 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One X and will sport a Zen 2 CPU, high-bandwidth GDDR6 RAM and Navi GPU from AMD. Also there’s a faster SSD that can be used as virtual RAM, 8K capability, variable refresh rate that is up to a massive 120fps support for games and real-time next-gen ray tracing.

Load times seem to be the big thing they have been working on as well as making what seems to be the most powerful console on the market to deal with the rising industry need to be on cloud based streaming services. In Bethesdas briefing they mentioned that Orion will help you to be able to play games on an Xbox Cloud service even when your connection isn’t great.

Considering the outstanding work they’ve done porting games to the Nintendo Switch, I want to believe them.

The Next Xbox is currently going under the name “Project Scarlett” which would be the girls name rather than the colour which is only spelt with one “T”. Surprisingly the machine is said to have a Holiday 2020 release date which would see it out in time for Christmas.

Project Scarlett – the “black widow”?

Straight after that moment of the presentation we got the first look at the new Halo: Infinite. It’s worth mentioning because, well.. Halo.

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