People Are Smashing TV’s Playing Nintendo Switch Sports

Remember back in the day when “Wii Sports” was the big game on the Nintendo Wii Console and there were reports of people Smashing TV screens when they were playing too close or letting go of an unstrapped remote? Well, History is repeating.

The new Nintendo Switch Sports is only a week old but people are already failing to learn from prior mistakes and smashing TV sets left, right and centre.

Smashing TVs Playing Nintendo Switch Sports

One Streamer “63man” managed to do some damage to his monitor while playing the game in the first 24hours of release. Naturally, it was during a game of tennis. It was always Tennis and Bowling that were the big risk games on the Wii as well.

But now they have added games like soccer where the damage can come from your legs as well. I think we can expect more viral videos of those clowns in the next few weeks.

Similar stories are all over Reddit as well with the Nintendo Switch feed seeing some great examples of why you really need to wear a wrist strap when playing games like this.

It’s not rocket science, put the strap on! I guess some people just like to live dangerously.

I mean, look at the commercial for the game. Years of playing tennis at the elite level means that Lleyton can probably afford to buy a new TV every time he plays the game. But like sensible people, he and his son Cruz both wear wrist straps during their time playing the game.

Watch it here.

All those vigorous movements and the TV has nothing to worry about because the pair are wearing wrist straps done up tightly, and are standing well back. The only thing in fear of getting damaged here is each other and let’s face it, if Cruz accidentally smacks his dad in the head while taking a serve, it would be a video that would have a much higher chance of going viral. We could ask Ozzy Man Reviews to do the commentary for it. It would be mint!

The official Nintendo website spells the safety rules out for you here.

But just in case, I’ll give you a refresher.

How to Not Smash A TV While Playing Nintendo Switch Sports

  1. Don’t stand too close to the TV while playing. Remember you will likely shuffle your feet and move around a bit during play, so keep a mindful eye on getting too close to the TV. If you can reach out and touch the screen, it’s very likely you’ll end up putting your hand and a Joycon through it.
  2. Ensure you have adequate space around you while playing. As above, If you have a small room, you might want to consider playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land instead, or you know, just be really, really careful.
  3. Remember to Attach the Joy-Con strap to the Joy-Con but equally as important, fasten the strap close to your wrist. Back in the Wii days, there were heaps of people who complained they were wearing the strap. But it wasn’t done up so it slid straight off the wrist and into the priceless china or TV set. I remember one person complaining because they put the strap on nice and tight, but they forgot to attach it to the remote itself, true story.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a super fun game that can be played with the whole family, so strap on a controller and get ready to play!

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